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From family to friends or even neighbours, everyone’s talking about going solar — and we can’t blame them! In 2021 alone, more than 100,000 solar panels were installed on rooftops across New South Wales, and those numbers will continue to increase. From lower energy bills to the freedom of generating your own power, residential solar panels are packed with benefits. Whether you’re looking to install the best solar panels in Sydney or are interested in making your home more energy-efficient, 4EVA Energy can help you reach your solar goals.

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How does residential solar work?

While your solar panel system might look complicated, generating renewable energy is pretty simple. During the day, your residential solar panels absorb and convert the sun’s rays into a direct current (DC). Your solar inverter then converts the DC into an alternating current (AC) — the electricity that can run through appliances. 

Upkeep and maintenance of your panels are also effortless. Depending on your roof type, your panels may accumulate dust and other waste over time. Once we complete your installation, we will provide you with a maintenance schedule to keep them looking and running in pristine shape. We can also recommend other solar products, like solar batteries, to maximise your panel’s generation. 

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The benefits of residential solar power

Residential solar panels are renowned for their easy installation and painless upkeep, but there are other benefits worth noting, including:

Reduced energy bills

Once you start generating your own power, you can look forward to a drop in your annual energy bill! It also means relying less on your energy provider to power your home.

Lowering your carbon footprint

Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource, allowing households to reduce their carbon footprint and take a stand against fossil fuels.

Ability to earn a profit on your power

Households that generate excess renewable energy can sell this power to the grid through a feed-in tariff.

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Why choose 4EVA Energy as your residential solar panel installers

We’ve been in the commercial and residential solar panel installation business for more than 20 years and understand the importance of delivering quality service. That’s why we only employ the best and most qualified people to do the job.

Our tradespeople are highly skilled in their field, giving you the assurance you need on your solar investment. We only source and install the best solar panels from reputable and recognised residential solar panel manufacturers. 

We also maintain a solid relationship with all customers and continue to provide insights and advice on how to get the most out of your residential solar panels. We understand that not everyone is a solar expert, so it’s our duty to empower our customers by passing on our knowledge. Whether you’re new to solar and learning as you go or want to expand your solar set-up, the team at 4EVA Energy is here to help.

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