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Thanks to our consistent warm weather, Australia is one of the best places for renewable energy. And if you’ve noticed your solar panels consistently generating more electricity than your home needs, you might consider installing a solar battery. 

Solar batteries allow households to store excess renewable electricity for later use, helping cut energy costs and reduce your dependence on the grid. 4EVA Energy is an expert in residential solar battery installation and can have your new system up and running in no time. Discover the benefits of solar batteries today. 

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The benefits of solar battery installation

Solar batteries can be considered an extension of your existing solar panel system, allowing you to take your renewable generation one step further. If you’ve been considering installing a solar battery in your home, some of the benefits you can look forward to include: 

  • Consistent, clean energy — As most households use the majority of their electricity at night, a solar battery allows you to keep using clean energy even after the sun goes down. And the more renewable energy you use, the lower your energy bills become. 
  • Increased independence — Having excess solar power stored reduces your reliance on the grid and your energy provider. And if you have a large enough solar battery storage system, you may be able to go off-grid completely without generation disruptions. 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint — Solar batteries reduce your carbon footprint significantly, which may align with your renewable energy goals. 
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Solar battery installation with 4EVA Energy

Once you become a 4EVA Energy customer, you can look forward to prompt and professional service. Our solar battery installations can be completed in less than a day, allowing you to reap the benefits of your investment immediately. We will provide the information you need to utilise your battery effectively so you never feel out of the loop with your products. 

Relationship building is at the forefront of what we do — from your initial consultation and installation to ongoing maintenance. As you continue to use your battery, we will monitor its progress and provide updates on how well the system works. Should your battery not perform optimally, we’ll contact you to organise a repair. 

We understand that solar batteries aren’t an easy purchase, so we take the time to investigate and apply for any Government rebates you are eligible for. We claim the rebate on your behalf and include it as part of your quote, saving you money and the headache of applying on your own. 

We take our service seriously and only source high-quality products from reputable manufacturers. Our solar battery installers are experts in their field and have undergone extensive training to gain certification. 

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