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Helping people reduce their energy consumption is at the core of what we do. From recommending energy-efficient products to installing the best-quality solar panels, 4EVA Energy is the complete package. We take things one step further and offer unique and data-driven solutions to our customers, helping them better understand their consumption and how their system works. 

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Understand your energy consumption like never before

Imagine if you could take a deep dive into your daily energy consumption to see where you could cut back. With 4EVA Energy, now you can. We aren’t your standard solar supplier; we’ve taken the traditional installation process one step further by providing customers with a personalised look at their overall solar system. 

Our consumption monitoring feature goes beyond helping customers save on their energy bills — it’s about encouraging them to think beyond the benefits of solar and make smarter choices around their consumption to become more energy-efficient. As we learn more about you and how you use energy, we provide expert advice on how to boost your energy efficiency and lower your power bills.

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Maximise your ROI and stay in the know with your solar system

There’s nothing worse than making a massive investment toward solar power only to discover your system is failing to produce results. 

For commercial customers, we recommend implementing solar analytics into their system before we commence installation. Our solar analytics service collects real-time data on projected solar generation, which we use as a guide for future monitoring. 

Once your solar panels are installed and we begin monitoring, we compare the data. This gives us an indication of whether your system is working effectively and generating sufficient power. If we believe your numbers aren’t where they should be, we will notify you immediately and organise a repair. 

We also collect consumption data at various intervals throughout the day, gathering intel on when your building uses energy the most. From there, we can suggest tactics to get your usage down to the absolute minimum. 

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Become an expert with your energy consumption

Whether you’re looking to check in on your average energy consumption or want a better look at how your solar system works, 4EVA Energy can pass on the details you need. We’ve combined our extensive expertise in the renewable energy industry with the latest technology to create a one-of-a-kind service that delivers exceptional results. 

Our customers love and appreciate having this level of detail at their fingertips, as it allows them to make smarter decisions about their consumption and maximise their savings. Transform how you understand your energy consumption and schedule a meeting with 4EVA Energy today.

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