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If you’re a business owner and think your energy bills are higher than they need to be, chances are you’re probably right. And in our experience, it could be due to an imbalance in the power factor. Power factor refers to the measurement of how your business uses electricity. Many appliances in a business often use more energy than necessary, driving up power bills. The 4EVA Energy power factor correction service can help reduce your energy bills and restore your electricity supply, extending the lifespan of your equipment.

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What is power factor correction?

The power factor is the ratio between useful (true) power to the total (apparent) power consumed by an appliance. Put simply; it refers to measuring how efficiently your appliances use electricity. Ideally, your power factor should be in unity, but this is not always the case for commercial buildings that run on a three-phase system. 

Three-phase power supply systems are made up of various components, such as a motor or switchboard, with each ‘phase’ referring to load distribution. If your system has too much electrical load on one phase and not enough on the other, it disrupts the supply. 

Power factor correction is a service that neutralises the supply and evenly distributes the electricity, ensuring your appliances use power more efficiently. Our power factor correction equipment is non-invasive, simple to install and won’t disrupt your business’s electrical supply. 

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Why you should consider a power quality assessment

As a business owner, it’s important to save on operational costs wherever possible. And for many industries that rely heavily on electricity, there are a few ways you can make a difference to your power bills. A power quality assessment from 4EVA Energy can deliver:

Lower power bills

Power factor correction stabilises your electricity supply and gets your energy consumption back to a steady level. And as your electricity consumption drops, so will your power bills.

Positive environmental impact

Once your power supply works correctly, your business won’t demand as much electricity, lowering your consumption and reducing your carbon footprint.

Extended equipment life span

Power factor correction puts an end to appliances failing unnecessarily. This can preserve your equipment's lifespan and keep your business from repurchasing new equipment. 4EVA Energy can also provide businesses with voltage regulation. Our voltage regulators minimise the damage voltage spikes and drops can cause to your equipment.

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From installing solar panels to opting for energy-efficient products, a business can save on energy costs in many ways. Our power quality assessment offers a unique look at how your business uses electricity and reveals opportunities for massive energy savings. 

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